Guide for Simple Luxuries

Do you long for a little luxury in your out-of-control life?

You may think that luxury living is well out of your grasp, but The Guide for Simple Luxury shows us that you don’t have to spend a fortune to cultivate a good life in the everyday world where most of us live. Connie Paradise redefines luxury with an eye toward indulgences that provide pleasure and comfort to enhance our busy lifestyles without breaking the bank.

Luxury today is about value, not necessarily things money can buy and not tied to your income. In many ways, it is a state of mind. Living your life intentionally and in the moment, focusing on things that matter, is a luxury for most women because we rarely put ourselves first.

In a Guide for Simple Luxuries, you’ll find Connie’s strategies, practices, and approaches for clearing the clutter, sorting priorities, and living purposefully without draining your wallet. She highlights redefining luxury by reclaiming time eliminating stress and irrelevant materialistic waste while focusing on your priorities and goals.

As a busy photographer and writer, Connie will inspire you to make lasting changes that provide pleasure, satisfaction, and ease in your life. She offers ideas to zhuzh up your daily life and create a streamlined, feel-good environment while leaving room to enjoy experiences you’ve dreamed of.

Life should not be endless juggling, balancing everything in the air. It is meant to be thoroughly enjoyed, unencumbered with extraneous things, and not always dependent on costly material things.

About the Author

Connie Paradise is a portrait and branding photographer, writer, mother, grandmother, and wife to her husband of six years. She retired from a thirty-year executive career in association management in Washington, DC, and pursued her love for creativity through photography. Her photographic journey began in 2015 when she focused on professional women showing their grace, beauty, and strength through her lens so they could see the beauty in their curves, flaws, and uniqueness.

Connie has a natural talent for design and organization and sometimes can be found rearranging her living room in the wee hours of the morning. She shares economical tips and ideas for making your home and lifestyle more organized, elevated, and enjoyable.

Connie and her husband, Ollin, moved to Winchester, VA, from Northern Virginia the day before they were married in 2017 and have been renovating their home project-by-project ever since.

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