I show the grace, beauty, and strength in women through my lens so you can see the beauty in your curves, flaws, and uniqueness. I have you posing with the confidence of a model so you can see how beautiful you really are.

Together we create a connection so you will trust me with your vulnerability. Before you are even in front of my camera I want to know who you are.

My passion is helping women feel confident through portraiture, providing exceptional products and an experience they wont forget. Together we’ll create the photo shoot youve always dreamed of. Let me help you tell your story.

As an artist and a lifelong learner striving to be a little better today than yesterday in my business and personal life is a daily goal. I’m constantly challenging myself, and when I’m asked why, my answer is “because I can.” My goals give me a reason to get up in the morning.

When COVID hit I began playing the piano again after 50 years. On the day of my 70th birthday, I rode 70 miles on my bike. This year I plan to up my game and have a go at 73 miles in a single day. You can follow my progress on my facebook page>

Horseback riding has been a dream of mine for years, and last year I plunged into my first lesson. Fear of falling has been a factor each week. It took some time, but I pushed past it and can easily trot around an obstacle course with some finesse. My goal is to work as long as I can because I enjoy creating beautiful art and inspiring others to push a bit harder to reach their goals.



An Experience You Will Never Forget

Through our personalized pre-planning sessions, we create your dream photoshoot specific to your style and taste.  You will be thrilled with the results. I promise.

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With our expert, guided experience we promise to capture beautiful portraits and memories you’ve only dreamed of.

She Thrives: A 40 Over 40 Portrait Project

We celebrate the strength, beauty, and wisdom of women over 40 with this unforgettable celebrity-style magazine photoshoot experience.

Moments after the first camera click your nerves will begin to fade. Don’t worry about your look. This confident woman will shine after our Style and Design consultation, professional hair and makeup styling, and a sip of champagne. You’ll begin to feel as though you belong on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Based in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley Virginia we serve clients worldwide.