Connie Paradise Media is a multimedia company led by Connie Paradise, a versatile professional with expertise in photography, writing, education, and content creation for the A Peek At Paradise blog.

Be bold. Be joyful. Be intentional.

Join a supportive community of women over 50, embracing their age, living intentionally, and looking forward to new possibilities.
Branding and Headshot Photographer

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Fine art photography and museum-quality fine art prints for your collection.


Experience carefully crafted books designed to inform, entertain, and inspire.

Clients who choose us are looking for the personal experience and someone who creates a relationship with them. Our experience is fun and easy because we care about you.

Having your photograph taken doesn’t have to make you feel vulnerable. We manage all the details including reminders, followup and check lists so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Look to Connie Paradise Photography for Branding, Headshots and Online Dating Photography.  With our year’s of experience posing clients you’ll begin to feel as though you belong on the cover of a magazine. 

Connie Paradise Media is a dynamic multimedia company dedicated to creating books, content, resources, education, and fine art photography.