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I liked Connie's Book very much, in part because I saw an earlier version of her life philosophy in practice when we were neighbors for seven years. This Book's ideas are familiar and yet very evolved. I'm looking at my place now and thinking, what easy and thrifty ways can I refresh, inspired by Connie?
This little Book is a gem that focuses on simple ways to lead "an elevated life." The author emphasizes learning to be grateful and seeing the value in the ordinary. Its positive message can open your eyes to living "a more luxurious and fulfilling life." You'll come away with many ideas to weave a golden thread through the ordinary fabric of everyday life.
I enjoyed this Book and the ideas that Connie has inspired me. I have marked many pages and am incorporating these simple luxuries into my own life and home. I love how these ideas are made simple and actionable. Definitely a book I'll refer to again and again.
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