People are judgy

We are living in a visual society. Getting Googled and being discovered is one of ten reasons you need a good headshot. People make snap judgments from what they see. It’s not always fair to make judgments based on looks, but who said life was fair?

Most clients who come to my studio are dreading the idea of sitting before my camera. They would opt to have their teeth pulled rather than risk a bad picture. I get it. You feel vulnerable. You don’t know what to do with your hands, Should you smile, not smile?

We prep you

Not that I’m one to boast too much but my superpower is making people feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. We’ll also provide a headshot style consultation guide so you bring only outfits that flatter your shape; the ones in which you feel comfortable.

This lowers your stress level before you arrive. We’ll discuss the many ways you can use your headshots and suggest ideas so that you get the most from your session. Our stylists apply makeup and freshen your “do” so you will be camera ready. By the time
your shoot rolls around, we’ll feel like old friends in familiar surroundings.

Once we begin your photoshoot, I’ll guide all of your poses to highlight your best features. Plus, if you need an extra tweak to give you the polished look, I’m rather skilled at Photoshop.

Time for new headshots

Book your headshot now if you can say yes to any one the ten reasons you need to get a good headshot.

  1. You will be Googled. Everyone googles you before they meet you in person. Having a flattering headshot is crucial to putting your best foot forward and displaying a professional online identity. Put your best self out there!
  2. No one recognizes you. It’s sad for all of us that we looked younger and thinner back then. The trade-off is that all the wisdom and experience you’ve acquired in the last 10 years looks much better on you.
  3. You’re holding an umbrella drink in your hand. Would you trust this gal to make smart decisions for your company if she was pictured tossing back a margarita? A good headshot shows professionalism and credibility.
  4. You cropped your picture from a group shot. Clients and employers will deduce that taking care of details is not in your skill set. You can be easily looked over.
  5. You’ll stand out in the crowd. Look at all the bad profile pictures out there. Employers and recruiters will take a second look if you have a clear, clean headshot that is pleasing to see.
  6. You only get one shot. There is a reason for the saying “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” Competition in every profession gets tougher every day. Don’t blow your chance to get noticed.
  7. Styles have changed. Your hairstyle, makeup, and clothing have most likely changed leaving the 80s, 90s, and 2000s in the dust. Don’t get outdated. Time to freshen up.
  8. You weren’t feeling your best self that day. Maybe you were feeling down, grabbed the first thing you saw in your closet that morning, or got caught in the rain the day pictures were taken at the office. Cameras don’t lie, and
    photoshop doesn’t always fix the mistakes. Be sure to have the real you captured.
  9. You’ve substituted your picture for one of your children or dog. Don’t fool yourself. Everyone knows that you are side-stepping.
  10. It’s worth the investment. A professional headshot photographer is trained to guide you through posing and to put you in the best possible light. Your eyes will be bright, your clothing will be wrinkle-free and she’ll coax that
    100-watt smile out of you. Don’t miss this chance to show the world who you are!

Do yourself a favor and book a professional headshot or branding session. At Connie Paradise Photography we want your photograph to be the best one you’ve ever had. Call 703-867-4895 today. Show the world who you are!