You will be googled! We all do it. We’ve all had it done to us. Your picture is out there whether you like it or not. First impressions can make or break opportunities. First impressions are priceless when it comes to an authentic headshot.

You rarely have more than one chance to make a great impression. Business coaches will tell you authenticity sells. Whether for a job, building a following on your social media, or a dating site people want to know the real you. Hit them with your WOW factor right from the start. Give them a positive feeling about you so that they want to learn more.

In my studio, we specialize in professional women’s headshots and branding because we know how important it is for you to look and feel your best. We begin by getting to know one another so you’ll trust me with your vulnerability. Most people feel very self-conscious in front of a camera having their headshot or portrait taken.

We’ll guide you through every step of your experience and pose you in flattering poses for your body shape. You’ll feel confident and proud to share your photographs everywhere. See the results of some of the beautiful professional women’s headshots we have had visit our studio.

Everything about your headshot tells a story. Your clothing, expression, posture, and even background can influence the opportunity to make the impression you are looking for. Let me help you tell your story. A new year is fast approaching. Start your’s office showing people the real you. Call Connie Paradise Photography at 703-867-4895 today.