I challenge you to try at least one of these 20 new year’s resolutions to give good feelings.

Most of us make resolutions each year and vow to keep or even start them. Eating healthier, losing weight, and exercising more often are likely among them. I’ve been seriously thinking about my resolutions, and my plan is to keep doing some of the ones I’ve made and kept over the years. I’ll surely add at least one new one this year.

Now, this blog post may not appear to have anything to do with photography— but it does.

I believe that even one or two new year’s resolutions help you feel better and it shows in pictures. It’s like the light inside shines brighter, and the sensitive camera lens picks right up on it.

  1. Go someplace you’ve never been. — I do this regularly and it thrills me no end.
  2. Learn a new skill/hobby. — Drawing is a new skill for this year. I discovered an artist whose style I admire and plan to take courses from her.
  3. Clear out the clutter. — I hate clutter and you’d rarely find it in my house. I’m constantly editing everything from junk drawers to bedside tables to the attic. Start with your junk drawer to get a jump on it.
  4. Write down 5 things (at least 1) you are grateful for each night. This has been a habit of mine for years and I plan to continue religiously. Even when I’ve had a bad day the smallest blessing makes me realize how very fortunate I am.
  5. Talk to yourself with kindness. — Oh boy, this is one that needs a lot of work as I’m very tough on myself.
  6. Clean out your car. — I can’t say that my car is spotless but there is no clutter to be found. Walking out of the house to a clean car gives me close to the same feeling as wearing a new pair of shoes.
  7. Practice forgiveness —I have been known to chew on a situation in which I think I have been treated unfairly. I came to realize forgiveness is not for the other guy, it’s for you. No one cares that you are miserable. Forgive and move on.
  8. Avoid people who complain a lot.— Done and dusted. This will drain the energy right out of you. Move along.
  9. Pay off your credit card bill every month. About 40 years ago I ran up a credit card and realized how much finance charges cost over the course of a year. I paid it off and never had a balance again.
  10. Cook more. When I retired from my first career one of my goals was to learn to cook. Oddly and thankfully, this led to my second career in photography. Ask me about it sometime!
  11. Wear sunscreen. — I’ve done this for years, especially on my face. This fall and winter I’ve been a bit lax about it. Time to get serious again.
  12. Do something that scares you. — I took up horseback riding in 2022, and to tell the truth, it has scared me, especially when the horse misreads my cues and takes off while I’m unprepared. I’m not going to let it beat me, but I have to learn to RELAX and go with it.
  13. Stretch more. — Stretching is just as important as cardio. I feel better when I practice daily yoga, and I can tell when I’ve been lazy about it.
  14. Pray/Meditate/Breathe more. — When anxiety sets in, focusing on one of these three helps immensely. The world always looks brighter and my mind is clearer.
  15. Sleep regular hours. — I have the worst time sleeping despite the fact that I have tried everything to get to and stay asleep. All I can say is that I’ll keep on trying to make this happen.
  16. Live for the moments you can’t put into words. — The perfectionist in me (and this is not necessarily a good thing) wants everything to be ideal before I enjoy the views. I need to practice more spontaneity by jumping into opportunities to focus on the moment and on the things that really matter.
  17. Take more pictures. — Sometimes I do get caught up in the moment and forget to capture them. I’ll try harder.
  18. Don’t buy things you don’t need. –Think about all the things in your house that go unused and untouched. Did you really need/like them in the first place? I’m guilty and will try harder to follow this resolution. Think of all the money I’ll save.
  19. Take the stairs. — Better yet, park further down the parking lot at the market. In addition to logging more steps, your car will have fewer dings.
  20. Call mom/siblings/friends more. — I know a lot of people love to text, but I don’t. Oh, I’m good for it when a few lines will suffice, but not for a conversation. It is so satisfying to have a real talk with someone. My heart swells when I hear from my grandsons or an unexpected call from my friends. I chat with mom and my sister every morning and that is priceless.

There are so many more things I could do better and opportunities to take advantage of.  My regular mantra is that I try to be better every day than the day before. There’s no better way than to start out fresh with new year’s resolutions. I’m an optimist to be sure and I’ll keep trying like I always do.

Here’s to wishing you a beautiful 2023. Try any one of these 20 New Year’s Resolutions to Give Good Feelings, and may all your dreams and plans come true.